Boundary Survey

A survey to establish or re-establish the boundaries or limits of a property or easement identified by a deed of record is commonly referred to as a Boundary Survey. This type of survey will not only identify the location of the boundary, but will disclose possession limits and discrepancies that may exist between the record description of the property and that of the adjoining properties. Boundary surveys in the State must adhere to the requirements promulgated by the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying (TBPLS).

In addition to the use of modern equipment and computer software, our staff of professional surveyors has a complete understanding of the legal aspects and principles of land surveying including the history and original distribution of land throughout the area. This knowledge, together with understanding the early techniques of measurement utilized by surveyors under the governments of Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas and early Texas Statehood, assists us in making the critical boundary determinations necessary to protect the welfare of the public and enable reliance on the work performed.